Relay controller POPULUS P-16-B


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  • Relay controller, for switching 16 relays with one protocol reader or reader with 26-bit Wiegand output
  • For control of elevators in office buildings, locking of wardrobe cabinets, lockers for weapons, documents, special tools, medicine cabinets (for narcotics), …
  • It is possible to combine multiple controllers into a bigger system (with one reader and 4 Populus P-16-B unit it is possible to control elevator in a 64 stories building or lock/unlock 64 wardrobe cabinets)
  • Internal memory for 30.000 cards (expandable to 100.000) and 100.000 events
  • Built-in TCP/IP communication converter, 2 x RS-485 communication bus, Spider functionality as standard (it can be used as a RS-485/TCP/IP communication converter for multiple additional controllers, connected into RS-485 communication line)
  • Built-in 40W power supply
  • Charging electronics for back-up battery

*In case, controller will be used for control of electromagnetic locks, they must be powered by separate power supply!

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