Lumidigm® M-Series Fingerprint Modules

Compact, durable module for integration, with multispectral usability and liveness detection.

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  • Real World Performance — Patented Lumidigm multispectral imaging outperforms conventional fingerprint technologies, reducing problems with user enrollment and matching.
  • Reliable Fingerprint Capture — Enhanced finger detection software consistently captures high quality fingerprint images from all users in all environments.
  • High-Performance Liveness Detection — Embedded modules now provide strong liveness detection, preventing the fraudulent use of fake or stolen biometric data
  • Enhanced Matching — Top-ranked MINEX III algorithm is interoperable with ANSI/ ISO templates and delivers accurate 1:1 matching and 1:N searches up to 5,000 users.
  • Excellent Value — Durable, compact and field-proven, M-Series modules bring multispectral imaging to cost-sensitive applications.

Compact and cost-effective Lumidigm M-Series Fingerprint Modules use patented multispectral imaging technology to capture fingerprint data for all users, detect fraudulent verification attempts, and provide accurate fingerprint matching. Streamline user authentication and reduce your administrative burden with the M-Series.

Multispectral imaging technology captures surface and subsurface fingerprint data, delivering clear images every time — even when finger surface features are hard to distinguish due to age, dryness, or finger pressure. Multispectral imaging outperforms traditional optical or capacitive technologies that capture only surface details, resulting in poor performance when fingers are dry or wet, and platens are dirty. High-performance liveness detection, available with the M320, prevents the fraudulent use of fake or stolen biometric data and protects user privacy.

The M Series features a top ranked MINEX III certified algorithm with interoperable ANSI/ISO fingerprint minutia templates, proven 1:1 and 1:N matching up to 5000 users, and FBI-certified WSQ finger image compression. With USB and RS-232 interfaces, the devices support image, template and match score outputs and are available in embedded or streaming operating mode.

Designed for cost-sensitive yet demanding applications, durable M-Series modules are ideal for integration into physical access control and time & attendance terminals for improved employee usability and security, multifactor logical access control devices to improve security over weak password systems, and point of sale (POS) terminals to reduce transaction fraud from the use of lost or stolen payment card credentials.


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