BioMax2 Fingerprint Terminal


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Dispositivo di rilevazione presenze BioMax2 con lettore biometrico di impronte digitale

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Dispositivo di rilevazione presenze BioMax2 FP

  • On-line working mode: control in real time
  • It allows different hardware solutions
  • It incorporates fingerprint module FIM5360: Stand-alone module composed of optic sensor and processing board
  • Optional combined authentication with proximity, smart card, magnetic stripe or barcode
  • Basic connectivity: RS-232 and Ethernet UDP, TCP/IP; optionally Wi-Fi
  • Metallic, plastic or OEM version case
  • Four relays and digital inputs
  • User interface with display, keyboard, beeper and leds.
  • Applications: access control, time&attendance and staff management

 The terminal is supplied with case or OEM version to integrate:

  • Stainless steel case
  • Plastic case
  • OEM version (components are supplied separately for their integration).
  • Outdoor finish: stainless steel case equipped for outdoor use. For a correct use it is recommended to protect the terminal with a roof, overall for biometric terminals.

There are different types of terminals depending on the reader or readers integrated: Terminal Kimaldi BioMax2 Magnetic / Smart card / Proximity.

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