Standard Kit


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  • 2 Protocol Readers (2 Reader O-3-B)
  • 1 Base Unit (1 Populus P-2-S)
  • Codeks AC V10 Software
  • 20 cards

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Il Basic Plus Kit si compone dei seguenti elementi:


  • Reading frequency 13,56 MHz
  • Encrypted communication between reader and controller·
  • For advanced access control systems with access controllers Populus P and time & attendance controllers Regis T
  • Designed for business and government buildings, R&D facilities, financial institutions, server rooms, archives, warehouses, hospitals, shops, labs, etc.
  • The electrical circuit of the Reader is poured with epoxy resin which protects it from moisture; this is why it is suitable for mounting outdoors
  • Reader signals its current operation mode with LED and buzzer
  • Dimensions: 120x95x15 mm (Reader A-1-B), 58x120x15 mm (Reader O-1-B), 58x120x18 mm (Reader K-1-B)
  • Reading frequency: 13,56 MHz and Reading range: up to 7 cm
  • Jantar communication protocol
  • IP65 protection
  • External power supply 9 to 14 V DC (Populus P, Regis T)
  • Operating temperature: from -20° to +70° C
  • Max. current consumption: 0.1 A
  • LED and buzzer for door status signalization
  • Max. cable length between reader and access controller: in case both reader and door strike are powered from controller – 30 m, if door strike is powered by separate power supply, max. serial communication cable length is 300 m
  • with 6×0,22 alarm cable (3m) 


  • Advanced access controller, suitable for high security application with protocol readers and encrypted proximity cards (13,56MHz)
  • 2+1 or 4+1 doors access controllers
  • For single direction or both directions access control
  • Users can choose between additional (3rd or 5th) door control or alarm output functionality
  • Integrated 40W power supply is sufficiently strong to power up to up to 4 contactless card readers + 4 door strikes or 2 electromagnetic locks (12 V DC, max. 0,5 A)*
  • Internal memory for 30.000 cards (expandable to 100.000) and 100.000 events
  • Built-in TCP/IP communication converter, 2 x RS-485 communication bus, Spider functionality as standard (it can be used as a RS-485/TCP/IP communication converter for multiple additional controllers, connected into RS-485 communication line)
  • Charging electronics for back-up battery
  • Dimension: 222 x 222 x 80 mm
  • Populus P-2-S for up to 6 protocol readers + 2+1 door strikes (max. load 2 A)
  • Operating voltage: 230V AC
  • Built-in TCP/IP communication converter + 2 x RS-485 communication + Spider functionality
  • Door status and push button input for each doors (3/5)
  • Transistor door strike output (0,5 A) for each doors (3/5)
  • Additional 5 A relay for each doors – it triggers together with door strike output
  • Max. power consumption: up to 3 W + load (max. 2 A)
  • Operating temperature: from -20° to +40° C
  • IP21 protection
  • LED status notification
  • Built-in battery charger (2,3 Ah battery not included)
  • In case, more than 4 readers and 4 door strikes or 4 readers and 2 electromagnetic locks are connected onto the controller, additional power supply (for instance Spider W40) must be used!


It is an advanced web-based access control software, which is intended for users who want to build a more complex system with high security protocol across multiple locations with larger numbers of users and doors. Codeks AC can function with any number of readers or users. It supports 24 or more hour work shift, and enables the following actions: IP-camera image capture, fingerprint reading for verification or identification, monitoring users and visitors on layouts, the exporting of data to text files, programming of macro orders for advanced users and much more. The monitor function displays events in real time and the picture of the user who triggered the event.


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