SCR3310 v2.0 USB


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Identiv’s SCR3310v2.0 is a small and ergonomic USB smart card reader with backside mounting holes.

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The reader is ISO 7816 compliant, and can be used for cards in ID 1 card format. Both SCR3310 and SCR3310v2.0 are EMV Level 1 certified.The SCR3310 reader allows in-field firmware updates.

Typical Applications

The SCR3310v2 are suitable for a wide range of applications for government applications as well as for enterprise and home usage.

Due to its design, the readers are also ideally suited to be bundled with smart cards and software to support large scale projects roll outs.

Typical applications areas for the SCR3310v2 are electronic ID, social security and loyalty programs, e-Couponing, secure network log on, e-Banking as well as online shopping and gaming activities.

This reader has been replaced by the Cloud 2700R Smart Card Reader

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