RealScan F

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RealScan-F is a single platen palm-print live scanner for capturing various types of fingerprint including flats, rolls, palms and writer’s palms. Featuring Suprema’s cutting-edge optical & biometric technologies, it is capable of capturing highest quality images regardless the physical condition of fingers. RealScan-F also offers loads of user convenient features like color LCD display, voice instruction, foot switch and mobile power supply. With proven reliability of FBI certification, RealScan-F is designed to provide perfect live scanning solution for various criminal ID applications.

Civil Identification

  • – Driver’s license, voter registration
  • – Social welfare, banking
  • – National Population register (NPR)


Criminal Identification

  • – Law enforcement, national police agencies
  • – Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS)


Background Check

  • – Employment background checks
  • – Pre-employment screening


Airport & Border Check

  • – IDENT (USA, Japan)
  • – Enrollment & matching for foreign travelers


e-Passport & Visa

  • – e-Passport issuance
  • – e-Visa program


National ID Cards

  • – Smart ID cards
  • – Enrollment 1:1, 1:N matching