Protocol Reader K-3-A with capacitive keypad (13,56 MHz)


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  • Proximity cards and tags protocol readers with capacitive keypad or card holder
  • In O, K or X type casing for surface installation (standard version)
  • Reading frequency 13,56 MHz
  • Encrypted communication between reader and controller Populous P or Regis T
  • Suitable for high security access control systems with encrypted proximity cards (protected against unauthorized cloning of the cards)
  • Designed for business and government buildings, hotels, R&D facilities, financial institutions, server rooms, archives, warehouses, hospitals, shops, labs, etc.
  • Color changing transparent part of the casing and buzzer for door status signalization (white – locked, green – unlocked, red – error)
  • Optional wall box for flush mounting
  • IP 21 – surface installation, IP 65 – into optional Wall Box for flush mounting
COD: READER K-3-A Categoria: