Crescendo enables access to the door and a broad range of applications like PKI based authentication, digital signature and data encryption. Use cases also include secure login to workstations and laptops, web-based cloud applications or VPN gateways. The card can include digital certificates or generate one-time-password values.

Crescendo C1100 is a hybrid card for deployments with focus on compatibility with traditional PACS technologies. Crescendo C1150 is a C1100 variant for immediate deployments with Microsoft mini-driver based applications. Both cards can be bundled with the ActivKey SIM.

Crescendo can be used in stand-alone mode or centrally managed by ActivID Credential Management System. It works in combination with ActivClient middleware or HID Global’s ActivID appliance.
Furthermore, Crescendo is part of the HID PIV Express and HID PIV Enterprise solutions which help organizations improve their security posture, comply with mandates, and improve the user experience.