Gemalto MD840

IDPrime MD smart cards are designed for PKI-based applications, and come with an IDGo 800 minidriver that offers perfect integration with native support for Microsoft® environments (through Windows 10), without any additional middleware.

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Compatible with Any Environment

In addition to its seamless integration into Windows ecosystems, the IDPrime MD 840 is a contact interface smart card and is compatible with any environment through support by the SafeNet Authentication Client and the IDGo 800 libraries. IDPrime MD smart cards are also fully supported by the IDGo 800 middleware and SDK for Mobile (Android, iOS).

Strong Security
IDPrime MD smart cards are secured with both RSA and elliptic curves algorithms, and address a range of use cases that require PKI security, including secure access, email encryption, secure data storage, digital signatures and secure online transactions for end users. IDPrime MD 840 is CC EAL5+ / PP Java Card certified for the Java platform and CC EAL5+ / PP QSCD certified for the combination of Java platform and PKI applet. The CC EAL5+ / PP QSCD certification is based on the Protection Profiles EN 419211 part 1 to 6, as mandated by eIDAS regulations.

Optional Onboard Applets
IDPrime MD cards are multi-application smart cards, meaning they can have optional onboard applets for various functions. An MPCOS applet can be added to provide both e-purse and data management services.



  • Perfect integration in Windows environment—Certified and distributed by Microsoft, the IDPrime MD minidriver
    ensures immediate integration with all Microsoft environments, plus Plug & Play service up to Windows 10. Secure chip EEPROM capacities of 80 KB
  • Compatible with any environment—The MD 840 is fully supported by the SafeNet Authentication Client and IDGo
    800 mobile for Android and iOS.
  • Compliant with eIDAS regulations—IDPrime MD 840 is CC EAL5+ / PP QSCD certified offering state-of-theart security and is fully compliant with European eIDAS regulations. Its java platform is also CC EAL5+ / PP Java
    Card certified.
  • Multi-application smart cards— IDPrime MD cards can have optional onboard applet for MPCOS e-purse
  • Enhanced cryptographic support—IDPrime MD offers PKI services with both RSA and elliptic curves.