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Real time access control. Access by fingerprint, RFID card, Smartphone (BLE) and Storage on card. Compatible with iClass, HID Prox and Indala cards. Available in several finishes. Ideal for integration in turnstiles and installation on walls.

-100% software controlled The host controls all inputs and outputs in real time including LED and Buzzer.

-Multiple factor authentication Combine Fingerprint, Multi -ISO RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy BLE. Storage on Card.

-Implement your own AC algorithm Allows the administrator to set diverse, complex and simultaneous criteria to grant or deny users access.

-Compact hardware Antenna, reader and controller in a single board with Ethernet & Serial connectivity.

-Auxilary readers & I/O boards Easy integration with virtually any reader and RS-232 expansion board.

-Customisation option Possibility of adapting firmware and housing to client requirements.


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Specifiche tecniche

Alimentazione: 5 VDC +/-10% oppure PoE (Power over Ethernet)
Consumo: 220mA
Lettore RF: Mifare-DESFire (ISO 14443-3)
Antenna: integrata
Distanza di lettura: 50 mm. circa.
Porta TTL: Connessione per lettore Clock&Data, ABA Track-2, Connession per lettore Wiegand 26, 34 e libero
Sensore Biometrico: Nitgen FIM5360, 4060, 6060
Contatti relé: 1 contatto relé 24V/1A (N.C.), (24/1A: 500.000 )
Ingresi digitali: 2 ingress digitali attivi a massa, inattivi a O.C
LED: Led tricolor Verde, Rosso e Azzurro
Buzzer: integrato
Comunicazione: Ethernet 10 Base-T, 2 porte RS-232
RFID: 76x121x51 mm
Biometria: 76x181x52 mm
Elettronica: 65x77x19mm
Peso: 400 gr. Alimentazione esclusa (500gr. Alimentazione inclusa)
Range di utlizzo: -10ºC a 60ºC
Protocollo KXP