Access Controller POPULUS P-4-B


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  • Advanced access controller, suitable also for high security application with protocol readers and encrypted proximity cards (13,56MHz)
  • 2+1 or 4+1 doors access controllers
  • For single direction or both directions access control
  • Users can choose between additional (3rd or 5th) door control or alarm output functionality
  • In case, Readers x-x-B with protocol output are used in the system, Populus P-B access controllers enable extremely cost efficient upgrade from one direction to a both directions access control
  • Integrated 40W power supply is sufficiently strong to power up to up to 4 contactless card readers + 4 door strikes or 2 electromagnetic locks (12 V DC, max. 0,5 A)*
  • Internal memory for 30.000 cards (expandable to 100.000) and 100.000 events
  • Built-in TCP/IP communication converter, 2 x RS-485 communication bus, Spider functionality as standard (it can be used as a RS-485/TCP/IP communication converter for multiple additional controllers, connected into RS-485 communication line)
  • Charging electronics for back-up battery
  • *In case, more than 2 electromagnetic locks are connected onto the controller, additional power supply (for instance Spider W40) must be used
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