HID Lumidigm M-Series Fingerprint Sensors

Lumidigm® M-Series Fingerprint Sensors are compact USB desktop devices that deliver proven multispectral fingerprint technology to outperform conventional biometric sensors in busy logical access environments.

  • Multispectral fingerprint imaging provides reliable capture for real-world productivity
  • Ergonomic USB housing fits easily on your desktop
  • Enhanced liveness detection prevents use of fake or stolen biometric data (M32x)
  • Support for Windows, Linux, Android and thin-client application environments
  • SDK 6 with the top-ranked MINEX III algorithm supports 1:1 matching and 1:N searching on‑device or on the USB host

When knowing “who” matters, the cost-effective M-series USB desktop sensors replace weak passwords and PINs with reliable multispectral biometric authentication for real-world logical access control in your enterprise.

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When you need to replace vulnerable passwords and PINs with a secure authentication solution, multispectral biometrics from HID Global delivers. Lumidigm M-Series Fingerprint Sensors outperforms conventional devices in its class, delivering usability, high-performance liveness detection and reliable biometric matching for real-world applications.

Easy to deploy in your Windows, Linux, Android or thin-client environment, the USB desktop M-Series:

  • Improves productivity — No more forgotten passwords and wasted time calling the help desk. Multispectral fingerprint imaging works for all users in all environments.
  • Strengthens security — With multispectral biometrics and high-performance liveness detection, you can be sure that only authorized people can access your systems. No more shared logins!
  • Provides confidence — Accurate 1:1 matching or 1:N searching on-device or on the USB host provides a quick and reliable authentication result.

From employee network access to point-of-sale (POS) transactions, from securing confidential healthcare data to authenticating citizens for government benefits, the M-Series sensors deliver usability and accuracy to your demanding yet cost‑sensitive logical access control applications.

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