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BioMax2 Fingerprint Terminal

BioMax2 Fingerprint Terminal

675,00 €


BioMax2 Fingerprint Terminal

Breve descrizione

Dispositivo di rilevazione presenze BioMax2 con lettore biometrico di impronte digitale

Disponibilità: Disponibile

675,00 €


Dispositivo di rilevazione presenze BioMax2 FP

  • On-line working mode: control in real time
  • It allows different hardware solutions
  • It incorporates fingerprint module FIM5360: Stand-alone module composed of optic sensor and processing board
  • Optional combined authentication with proximity, smart card, magnetic stripe or barcode
  • Basic connectivity: RS-232 and Ethernet UDP, TCP/IP; optionally Wi-Fi
  • Metallic, plastic or OEM version case
  • Four relays and digital inputs
  • User interface with display, keyboard, beeper and leds.
  • Applications: access control, time&attendance and staff management

 The terminal is supplied with case or OEM version to integrate:

  • Stainless steel case 
  • Plastic case 
  • OEM version (components are supplied separately for their integration).
  • Outdoor finish: stainless steel case equipped for outdoor use. For a correct use it is recommended to protect the terminal with a roof, overall for biometric terminals.

There are different types of terminals depending on the reader or readers integrated: Terminal Kimaldi BioMax2 Magnetic / Smart card / Proximity.


Consegna in 1-2 settimane dall'ordine

Several improvements have been incorporated to Kimaldi BioMax2 terminal:

Integrated IP communications:
Optionally Wi-FiMore faster:
- IP port
 Peripheral serial port: 
- 115.2 kbps
Host serial port: 
- 115.2 kbps It allows up to 4 readers (2 system)
- Two configurable ports RS-232
- Two ports TTL
• Software tools Development software:
• Kimaldi tracking service Software demo:
- VB6 project with main features

Optionally, the biometric authentication by fingerprint can be combined with: RFID reader (125 kHz and 13.56 MHz), Smart card, Magnetic stripe reader, Barcode reader, Password.

Furthermore, optionally available with biometric capacitive reader, for projects.

All the created information is stored on the DB of the PC. This allows a wide number of fingerprints:

• 1:N Identification  fingerprint only: up to 2.500 users or expandable to 10.000 users or more using software development Kit. To get this users’ number you need to log your finger (each finger means two scanning of the fingerprint)
• 1:1 Verification  fingerprint + combined method: with no users’ limit

Operating temperature: -20ºC to 80ºC

• Controllo Accessi
• Rilevazione Presenze
• Controllo Biometrico
• University Access Control
• Server Room & Biometrics
• Health Resorts: Access & Lockers
• Biometric access control to sport clubs
• Biometric system of fingerprint for access control
• Access control domotic installation by biometric devices
• Access control to a marina
• RFID access control to a marina’s car park
• Ticket selling and access control 
• Time&Attendance control and biometrical access for hypermarkets