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  1. Omnikey 1021

    Il lettore Omnikey 1021 USB è compatibile PC/SC e supporta tutte le ISO 7816 che riguardano le smartcard a microprocessore.

  2. Omnikey 3121 USB

    Full-size contact smart card reader USB connected for desktop use with multiple standing base options

  3. Smart card Card Crescendo C1150 + Mifare 4K

    Smart card certificata Microsoft per WinLogin con contact + contactless Mifare 4k


    With its product brand OMNIKEY®, one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative smart card readers, HID Global offers the OMNIKEY 3621, a high-performance PIN pad reader for desktop usage. The OMNIKEY 3621 is an easy-to-install USB device particularly suited for online-banking or digital signature applications.

  5. Omnikey 3921 Reader Board USB

    The OMNIKEY® 3921 Reader provides the easy possibility to embed leading OMNIKEY contact smart card technology in a singleUSB device for OEMs.
  6. Omnikey 3111 serial

    The reader Omnikey 3111 USB to serial is a player that supports the vertical insertion includes standart USB communication CCID, PC / SC, EMV and all other major standart safety. Together, these features ensure high performance and cost effective solutions for security at entrances. 

  7. Omnikey 3921 Usb

    Il lettore Omnikey 3921 PC Built-In USB (in precedenza il CM3921 CardMan) offre la tecnologia più avanzata in un alloggiamento che può essere integrato nella maggior parte dei casi PC (slot per i driver floppy).

  8. Omnikey 4321 Mobile ExpressCard 54

    Il lettore Omnikey 4321 Mobile ExpressCard 54 è stato sviluppato per soddisfare tutti i principali standard come PC / SC, ISO 7816 e EMVLevel 1.

  9. Omnikey 6121 mobile USB

    SIM-size contact smart card reader USB connected, dongle size, for mobile use

  10. Omnikey 6221 mobile USB con Slot MicroSD

     Lettore di Card dalla forma identica a una chiavetta, compatta e leggera.

  11. Omnikey 6321 CLi USB

    The OMNIKEY 6321 series readers is a  solution that simplifies deployment of strong authentication, managing and automating the lifecycle of strong authentication user credentials on iCLASS smart cards.

  12. OMNIKEY 5427 CK (5427CK)

    Contactless dual frequency (RFID 13.56 MHz & 125 kHz) smart card reader for desktop use, USB connected, CCID & keyboard wedge support and configurable software onboard

  13. OMNIKEY® 5321 CR

    Contactless USB Smart Card Reader for Clean Room Environments

  14. OMNIKEY® 3121 Reader Board USB

    OMNIKEY® 3121 a high performance smart card Reader Board.

  15. Omnikey 5127CK CCID & Keyboard Wedge Reader Board

    Chip Card Interface Device (CCID) support enables integrators to design finished readers without the need to install or maintain drivers, eliminating complex software lifecycle management issues in the field.

  16. HID multiCLASS RP40

    HID multiCLASS reader for Physical Access including PROX Option, Wiegand, Terminal Strip
  17. Omnikey 5021 CL

    Contactless (RFID 13,56 Mhz) smart card reader USB connected for Desktop use in a small form factor and available off-the-shelve in various colors
  18. Omnikey 5022

    OMNIKEY® 5022 enables strong authentication to computer, software, network or cloud applications, supporting 13.56 MHz credentials such as iCLASS®, iCLASS Seos OTP, DESFire® or MIFARE®.
  19. Omnikey 5025 CL

    Contactless (RFID 125 kHz) smart card reader, CCID driver for PC, Thin- and Zero Client

  20. Omnikey 5325 USB Prox

    Full-size contact and contactless (RFID 125 Khz) smart card reader USB connected for desktop use

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Articoli da 1 a 20 di 48 totali

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